Best Essential Oils for Hair

Best Essential Oils for Hair

Apr 03, 2023My Store Admin

The benefits of essential oils are endless. But they do much more than calm your soul and benefit your skin. Our hair gets exposed to various climate changes, hormonal changes, chemical products etc which destroy the hair quality and leads to hair fall, breakage, dandruff, split ends, roughness etc. The protection and restoration of hair quality need utmost care and quality products. Essential oils prove to cater to all the needs and also add to the hair quality.

Read more to know which essential oil you should choose for your hair type:

  1. Lavender essential oil: Lavender oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. This greatly enhances the health of your scalp by contributing to the cleaning of your hair and follicles. Applying lavender oil topically five times a week, once a day, has positive effects on the depth and quantity of hair follicles, the number of inflammatory cells, and even the thickness of the dermal layer.
  2. Peppermint essential oil: The mint family member, peppermint imparts a cooling and tingling feeling that improves circulation in the area where it is applied. In particular, this aids in promoting hair growth. The production of dandruff is reduced and the scalp is stimulated by peppermint essential oil which leads to the growth of healthy and strong hair.
  3. Lemongrass essential oil: Lemongrass essential oil is believed to strengthen hair shafts and promote hair growth when applied topically to the scalp. Its antifungal and antibacterial characteristics provide relief from dry, irritated, and itchy scalps and hair. It is strongly advised for individuals experiencing dandruff-related concerns. After 7 to 14 days of consistent topical application, it is claimed to show effective and amazing results.
  4. Ylang Ylang essential oil: Those with dry, coarse, or brittle hair can benefit greatly from using Ylang Ylang essential oil. You would be aware that the most typical reason for hair breakage is having a dry and weak hair strand. The oily substance released from the sebaceous gland, known as sebum, is known to produce more when the Ylang Ylang essential oil is applied topically. In turn, this strengthens and improves the texture of the hair. Additionally, ylang ylang essential oil has antibacterial qualities that can help get rid of lice or nits.
  5. Bergamot essential oil: Do you think your hair has lost its radiance? Then Bergamot essential oil is right for you! Your hair’s appearance can be improved, and bergamot essential oil can give it the necessary gloss and sheen. Additionally, it can fortify your hair strands and hair follicles. It lessens hair loss and promotes strong hair growth in addition.
  6. Rosemary essential oil: Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes nerve growth and helps in blood circulation which results in lesser hair fall. It also prevents hair from being damaged and restores dry and dead hair.


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