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What to look for in the essential oil label?

Apr 03, 2023

What to look for in the essential oil label?

The information on the little label of the bottle is too much to read and is usually ignored! But all that information is really important for you to read before buying it for yourself. What is the oil made of? What’s true? What to read?

Here’s a quick guide to save you from stress.

  1. Botanical name: Know your product before you use it! The botanical name of the plant makes so much difference in the oil which you are just about to use. Research the botanical name and see if it is suitable for your skin type.
  2. Part used in the process: A plant has various parts but only a few can contribute to the making of the oil. The oil which is extracted from one part can result in being more beneficial than the one made from a different part.
  3. Process: The oil can be extracted in various ways from a plant. Read about the process to get an idea of where the plant was cultivated, how the product was made and if there was any use of harmful chemicals which you would want to avoid.
  4. Expiration date: Every product is safe to use for a certain period of time. Always check the expiration date and make sure it fits in the timeline for you to get effective results. Using products after their expiration may not be safe and can lead to side effects.
  5. Directions to use: Always read about the ways in which you can use the oil. The amount, time and the process to apply can be different for every oil and it is vital for you to know.

All this information on a label makes it a genuine product and can help you decide what suits your skin and what results should you expect after applying the oil consistently.


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